• '2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks
  • '2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks
  • '2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks
  • '2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks
  • '2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks
  • '2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks
  • '2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks
  • '2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks

'2pair socks' pile-rib ankle socks

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pile-rib ankle socks *set of 2
'foundation wear' base-up wear series


Base-up wear [foundation wear] series ITEM proposed by thehighlights™. Loose-rib specification ankle-length pile socks <2pair socks> Pile-rib ankle socks 2 pairs set.

Pile-rib socks that are addictive with a casual feel like loose socks and relaxed comfort. The fabric has a pile on the bottom and stretches well, so it has a stress-free finish and can be used as room socks. Due to the pile composition, these socks are recommended as a gift because they absorb sweat and flocks and are comfortable to wear all year round.

Socks, a must-have item for styling, are an important item when creating a base for coordination. The length set to an exquisite length is excellent with sneakers. Just pair this pair with sneakers or sandals for a stylish look. Ankle-length 2P pile socks with moderate thickness and excellent cushioning.

*This item is a set of 2 pairs.

foundation wear

Base-up wear [foundation wear] series proposed by thehighlights™. A series that develops fashion items such as basic wear and underwear that are the basis for coordination, like foundation for base makeup, and accessories that serve as one-point accents. We will develop a wide range of "everyday fashionable essentials" such as basic T-shirts and socks that can be a supporting role but also a leading role.

Composition : 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% polyurethane


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