• 'base' sky/sea
  • 'base' sky/sea
  • 'base' sky/sea
  • 'base' sky/sea
  • 'base' sky/sea
  • 'base' sky/sea
  • 'base' sky/sea
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  • 'base' sky/sea
  • 'base' sky/sea

'base' sky/sea

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Active mat (leisure sheet) <base> with reversible (sky/sea) quilting specifications using recycled nylon.

The active mat <base>, which is a luxurious update of the leisure sheet that is a necessity for picnics and outdoor activities, expresses the 'picnic' style proposed by thehighlights™ and colors a gorgeous lifestyle. With its thick and soft quilted design, it can be used as a cool leisure sheet in the summer, and as a new fashion equipment such as a blanket and bedding for cold weather in the winter.

In addition to the sewing method that does not cause fabric loss, the safe and secure surface treatment is applied and cleaning care* is also supported. It is a quilted leisure sheet that combines functionality such as lightness to carry, moisture absorption, waterproofing, water infiltration, friction, etc., and good appearance. Different color palettes on the front and back create two expressions and scenes.

Includes thehighlights™ original nylon carrying bag.

Composition : front/back nylon, batting polyester
Color:light blue/navy
Size : 120cm×200cm


thehighlights™ active mat <base> uses recycled nylon developed through chemical recycling*. In order to maintain the strength, soft texture and bulge when used, cotton is sandwiched and quilted. This product is sewn using the width of the fabric, so there is no loss of fabric except for scratches on the fabric.

*cleaning care
・In order to reduce the hardening of the coating on the surface of the fabric due to normal waterproofing, light waterproofing has been applied to maintain the hygroscopicity of nylon and the softness of the fabric.  
・Filling is applied to prevent water from seeping through the weave of the fabric.

*chemical recycling
Synthetic fibers such as nylon use petroleum (fossil fuel) as a raw material, so it is not desirable to newly produce them, and recycling has been avoided because the manufacturing process is costly. Due to recent advances and improvements in recycling technology, there are currently three recycling methods:

Three Recycling Methods for Nylon Materials
①Chemical Recycling : Chemically disassembled, returned to raw materials, and reused.
②Material Recycling : Using products that can be used as raw materials for recycling as raw materials, cutting them finely, loosening the fibers into cotton-like fibers, compressing them, and making them into felt-like materials for reuse.
③Thermal recycling : Use as a heat source. Used as fuel. It is incinerated at the same time as other combustible waste and used for power generation.

Advantages of chemical recycling
・In contrast to polyester, which consists of two components, nylon has a simple manufacturing process and is highly efficient in production. Nylon consists of one chemical component, so it is easy to process into raw materials.
・Waste materials such as used nylon products and apparel products can be used as raw materials.
・Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 18% compared to Virgin Nylon, which produces nylon from petroleum, greatly reducing the burden on the global environment.
・Since the original raw material price is expensive, the recycled raw material price will not decrease even if it is recycled, and it will also lead to economic value.


・Do not leave near fire or in places with high temperatures.
・Choose a flat and safe place, and avoid using it where there are sharp objects or protrusions. There is a risk of damage or tear.
・After use, wipe off any dirt and store in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.
・To remove significant dirt, use a diluted neutral detergent and wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth.
・Use of thinner, benzine, etc. may cause discoloration or discoloration.
・Do not use a washing machine, dehydrator or dryer.
・Keep out of reach of small children.


Regarding shipping】
Please note that thehighlights™ products will be delivered according to the delivery time stated above.

【Regarding returns and exchanges】
We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations due to customer's convenience. Please be sure to check the purchased product, color, size, etc. before making a payment. In addition, we take all possible measures to ensure the quality of our products, but in the unlikely event that there is a defect or damage, we will exchange it as soon as possible, so please contact us at the following email address within 3 days after receiving the product. Thank you for your understanding.

If there is no substitute for the exchanged product, we will refund the money.
We will bear the shipping fee and transfer fee for exchanges and refunds other than customer convenience.

made in japan

thehighlights™ is "Made to Order", producing only the quantity you need to eliminate excess inventory. By eliminating excessive man-hours and costs that occur in the production process as much as possible, we are able to provide our customers with products at appropriate prices, and to pay appropriate incentives to all producers involved in manufacturing. , we are committed to fair trade. Aiming to be ecological in all processes from production to delivery to the customer, we manufacture at a reliable factory in Japan in order to maintain quality stability. Each piece is made by hand by craftsmen.