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  • lite 'big' sea green+blue
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  • lite 'big' sea green+blue
  • lite 'big' sea green+blue
  • lite 'big' sea green+blue
  • lite 'big' sea green+blue
  • lite 'big' sea green+blue

lite 'big' sea green+blue

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A large size leather tote bag <big> low white large size with a soft expression using safe and secure shrink leather.

The leather bag, which is intended for outdoor use as well as town use, is equipped with waterproof and antibacterial functions, and is an item that colors the 'sporty chic' style proposed by thehighlights™. We are particular about flexibility and lightness as a leather product, and at the same time we have the strength to withstand ice cubes.

Feel free to bring the tools you need for work, such as laptops, gadgets, and materials, in your work scene. For active outdoor scenes such as picnics and camping, you can freely carry camping tools and play mats. By using soft shrink leather, it can be folded without wrinkles.

The weight, which is about 1kg when made from cowhide, has been reduced to〈big〉medium=550g and〈big〉large=750g. With big pockets on both sides of the inside.

The design is a 'sporty chic' item proposed by thehighlights™, which is simply composed of leather and minimal stitching. Available in 2 sizes, Medium/Large.

Composition : cowhide
Color:low white
Height : 35cm
Width (diameter) : Top 64cm, Bottom 32cm
Gusset : 32cm
Handle height : 18cm


thehighlights™ leather is made from daily steer from San Diego in Southern California, based on the spirit of animal welfare*, and is processed by skilled tanners (leather processors) in Japan who have received LWG* (Leather Working Group) certification. Developing the finest steerhide (natural leather from adult cows) that is safe, secure, and traceable, with low lead, waterproof, antibacterial (antiviral*) processing, and safety considerations. It has come true.

*Antiviral processing means that the effect on COVID-19 is under data verification, and the effect is not guaranteed.


・Please be careful when wearing white or light colored clothes as there is a possibility of color transfer due to friction.
・Although it is waterproof, please be aware that storing it while wet may cause it to lose its shape or become moldy.

*Animal Welfare
The International Organization for Animal Health (OIE), an intergovernmental body that aims to improve animal health worldwide, recommends that “animal welfare refers to the physical and mental health of animals associated with the environment in which they live and die. is defined as “state of affairs”. At thehighlights™, we use natural leather from dairy cows that are raised with lots of love and care on this warm and expansive premises based on animal welfare. “Animal Welfare,” which translates to “Animal Welfare” or “Livestock Welfare” in Japan, is exactly the spirit that thehighlights™ sympathizes with.

*LWGLeather Working Group
LWG is an organization established through the involvement of various stakeholders related to the leather industry, such as tanners, leather product manufacturers, brands, distributors, and NGOs. It aims to develop a protocol to improve the environmental performance of leather manufacturers and promote a sustainable leather industry.

Regarding shipping】
Please note that thehighlights™ products will be delivered according to the delivery time stated above.

【Regarding returns and exchanges】
We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations due to customer's convenience. Please be sure to check the purchased product, color, size, etc. before making a payment. In addition, we take all possible measures to ensure the quality of our products, but in the unlikely event that there is a defect or damage, we will exchange it as soon as possible, so please contact us at the following email address within 3 days after receiving the product. Thank you for your understanding.

If there is no substitute for the exchanged product, we will refund the money.
We will bear the shipping fee and transfer fee for exchanges and refunds other than customer convenience.

made in japan

thehighlights™ is "Made to Order", producing only the quantity you need to eliminate excess inventory. By eliminating excessive man-hours and costs that occur in the production process as much as possible, we are able to provide our customers with products at appropriate prices, and to pay appropriate incentives to all producers involved in manufacturing. , we are committed to fair trade. Aiming to be ecological in all processes from production to delivery to the customer, we manufacture at a reliable factory in Japan in order to maintain quality stability. Each piece is made by hand by craftsmen.